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Life Mallorca Propiedades has joined one of the best companies currently in place in Spain in the eco-friendly construction. They have created Life Mallorca eco homes by Arquima.
At Life Mallorca we believe that ecology and construction are not at odds. This is why; taking responsibility for the environment is a way of betting on a healthier, more balanced and sustainable future. Life Mallorca Eco homes and Arquima have come together to bring the best eco-friendly construction system to the Balearic Islands.

ARQUIMA is a leading company in the sector of industrialised construction of housing, buildings, façades and building envelopes, with the following criteria: passive construction, health friendly, sustainability and maximum energy efficiency.
According to the European directive 2010/31/EU, from the year 2018 for public buildings and 2020 for the rest of newly constructed buildings, these must be of near zero energy consumption (NZEB-Nearly Zero Energy Buildings). ARQUIMA is at the forefront of complying with this legislation with its construction process which makes it possible to construct buildings with energy rating A, the current maximum, and also with international certifications from such organisations as Passivhaus Institut, LEED, BREEAM, Minergie or VERDE-GBCe among others.
ARQUIMA offers an alternative that is both environmentally friendly and healthy as well as energy efficient, which reduces excess CO2 emissions. ARQUIMA uses materials with the minimum carbon footprint, such as wood from renewable forests that are managed sustainably and PEFC or FSC certified.
ARQUIMA uses an industrialised wooden structure system, which is currently the most sustainable construction material on the market, to manufacture structures, façades or complete envelopes. The lack of limits on the designers helps to achieve projects which are personalised, exclusive and state of the art. The headquarters and factory are located in Barcelona. Life Mallorca Eco homes, Balearic delegation.

Fixed budget: Our industrialized system prevents cost overruns, avoiding unpleasant surprises and guaranteeing the final price agreed in the contract.
Turnkey solution: We can take charge of everything from the design to the execution of the entire building works so that the client does not have to worry about anything throughout the whole process.
Product guarantee: Our guarantee includes coverage of the structure and facilities, as well as the finishings, giving our customers greater peace of mind.
Speed of execution: Our industrialised solution permits the construction of any type of building in record time which no other system can currently offer. The manufacturing of the building envelope and the structure is carried out simultaneously with the earth-moving and the foundation, overlapping tasks that in traditional construction are not possible. The assembly takes place in a few days (eg 200 m2 in 3 days, 1000 m2 in 15 days), leaving everything ready to introduce the facilities and finishes.
Passive and certified construction: This type of construction is based on passively designed sustainable architecture, which means paying particular attention to the climatic and geographic conditions of each site to ensure optimum orientation, and capture of and protection from solar radiation. Our buildings are all A-rated, and they can also be certified by international organisations such as Passivhaus Institut, LEED, BREEAM, Minergie or VERDE-GBCe among others.
Healthy and sustainable construction: We offer an alternative that is both environmentally friendly and healthy as well as energy efficient, which reduces excess CO2 emissions. In addition, prior to beginning a project, we propose carrying out a geobiological study which permits the reduction of the effects of terrestrial or artificial radiation, which are harmful for the nervous and immune systems of human beings.
80% saving in energy consumption: The objective of passive construction is to minimize the energy consumption of the buildings through the study of many parameters: execute a very efficient building envelope, reduce the use of conventional heating and cooling systems, carry out an adequate design in order to take advantage of the climatic and geographical conditions of each site, etc.
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